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Elegant Pleasure Toys : Whoop-de-doo

An erotic toy for women, the Whoop-de-doo’s has tons of research backing its design. In fact, Marešova went about creating the Whoop-de-doo scientifically—in addition to gaining information from the public via a questionnaire, she approached gynecologists, sexologists and gender experts to find out exactly what makes a great pleasure toy.

Whoop·de·doo vibrator

The Whoop·de·doo Vibrator is ideal for all women of all ages. Because I enjoy playing, I teamed up with Lukáš Musil to create the special Musa Limited Edition for collectors. For those of you looking for a genuinely original gift, we’ve got a fantastic option – you can have the Vibrator manufactured with a personalized message engraved on it.

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The Whoop.de.doo Vibrator is an amazing instrument. Not only can it take you straight into heaven, it’s also recommended by sexologists as a valuable aid in improving overall wellbeing and harmony at both the sexual and emotional levels.

Whoop.de.doo: changing the sexual philosophy

Whoop.de.doo is a line of erotic toys created especially for women. “ I spent a good deal of time trying to find the right form for sex toys, and it was very clear that I had touched on a sensitive yet very important topic for many people.


Whoop·de·doo gives intimate aids for women a name. Know the feeling? You want an erotic aid, but the idea of buying one or getting one as a gift, let alone using one, is embarrassing to you. Learn about a new and natural take on sexuality. And it’s not just for women. The intimate products by Whoop·de·doo are full of tenderness and purity.

Anna Marešová: whoop.de.doo

Sada Whoop.de.doo obsahuje Venušiny kuličky, Vibrátor a vibrační vajíčko, které studio AMD připravuje. Anna na projektu spolupracuje s kolegou Sergejem Kuckirem a Jiřím Tomanem. „Chtěla jsem vytvořit ideální design, který ukáže, že i erotická pomůcka může působit lehce, elegantně a zároveň něžně.

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Designer Anna Marešová first made headlines several years ago when her whoop.de.doo sex toys won the main National Student Design Award. Since, she has gone professional. Just recently she oversaw...


2015 Whoop.de.doo Friends - sex toy tester for Lascivni.cz Aly Doleckova from Whoop.de.doo on Vimeo.

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The Whoop.de.doo vibrator, for example, has intuitive controls, a magnetic USB charger, and Braille dots.

Czech sex toy designer rolls out new products | Radio Prague ...

But the disadvantage has been that know-how in the top end erotic toys market was lacking. We caught up with Anna Marešová at her showrooms for Whoop de doo in Prague where she and her small team were holding a promotional event aimed at boosting sales which are mostly over the Internet.