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Impermissibility of using sex toys and selling them ...

If these toys represent or contain a picture (photographs) of living beings, they are Haram, as they are statues. A Fatwa about statues and photography has been issued. Please refer to Fatwa:83314. So, this ruling applies to using sex toys to achieve ejaculation. If they are used for other purposes, we cannot give a ruling until we know the details.

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Using sex toys to masturbate ones spouse Masterbation by ones spouses hand is permitted in Islam My question is that is it permissible to use a sex toy like an artificial mouth or vigina for a wife to masterbate her husband and to use a dildo for a husband to masterbate his wife All perfect praise be to Allaah The Lord of the Worlds I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah ...

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Is it allowed to use sex toys in islam for bachelors? Answer: Alaykum Salam, No. Intercourse with objects takes away your humanity so put the thought behind you. A bachelor would hate to be known for such a practice by his parents, peers, or prospective in-laws. He and they know it is considered a vice.

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Islamically, there is nothing wrong in using such toys provided the following conditions are met: 1) The toy must not be harmful in any way to the spouses, for inflicting harm upon your self is unlawful, 2) The toy must not have an animate figure to it, 3) It should not be inserted into the inner-private part of the women; rather only such toys should be used that stimulate the outer private parts, such as the clitoris.

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Answer (1 of 2): that depends on whom you ask. there is no consensus in Islamic jurisprudence on issues like this since it has no precedence. all these kinds of fetwas just get made up on the spot by judges who basically in the last two centuries have become science deniers.

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“The Quran doesn’t say anything on autoerotic toys or sexual stimulation except that it strictly prohibits sex outside marriage,” says Rahman.

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Yes, you should do exercises. This is not about fault, it's about overall health benefit. Please see my paragraph about regarding that. Consider that using "toys" might have been discouraged because a woman becomes desensitized from using them, for lack of a better term.

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According to sexuality and relationship consultant Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD, sex toys are also great if you're hesitant to try something mechanical, man-made, or explicitly created for sex play ...

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According to Yusuf, there is some disagreement over the degree to which masturbation – and related sex toys — is prohibited. "Some scholars say it’s forbidden, other says it’s discouraged ...